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Maybe some people don’t know what is heated jacket? How does heated jacket work?

Heated jacket is a new technology that uses power bank or rechargeable batteries for heating. Heating is carried out by connecting the carbon fiber wire and the heating pad through a battery. Usual there are three kinds of battery power: 5V, 7.4v and 12V. In addition to jackets, we can also apply this technology to vest, underwear, socks, gloves and other products. After testing, 7.4v and 12V heating effect is better, and more people choose it.

How to charge the heated jacket?

Take out the battery or power bank from the jacket, connect the charging plug, and connect the charging plug to the 110V or 220V power. It usually takes 2-3 hours to charge.

Can I wash the heated jacket?

Whether it’s heated jacket, heated clothes or heated socks, you can wash them with water, but you must take out the power first. Try to wash it by hand. If you want to wash by machine, make sure to put it in the wash bag first. After washed, the battery can not be connected until it is completely dried.

Can you wear a heated vest with a pacemaker?

Anything with electricity gives off electromagnetic energy (EMC), and electromagnetic energy can disrupt your pacemaker functioning. As the heating system requires a battery. So i suggest do not wear a heated vest.

How do choose a good heated vest for motorcycle or for hunting?

When we ride motorcycles in winter, our enemy is the cold wind, which will make your bones feel cold and even painful. When we hunt, we often stay in a cold and humid environment, and we are easy to be covered with mud. So I would suggest that you choose the coat made of wind proof and water drainage materials. We should choose 7.4v or 12V power supply, because the heating time is longer, even if you are outdoors for a long time, it can guarantee long-term heating.
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