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wholesale heated gloves

Welcome to the Topheated Wholesale Heated Gloves Zone, which offers a full range of SAVIOR brand heated gloves designed specifically for extreme cold environments. Our gloves combine advanced heating technology and high-quality materials to ensure optimal warmth and comfort.

Core advantages

Advanced heating technology: SAVIOR gloves use the latest heating elements for fast and uniform heating, and a multi-level temperature control system allows users to freely adjust the appropriate temperature.

Durable battery performance: equipped with high-efficiency rechargeable batteries, providing long-lasting heating, suitable for various long-term outdoor activities.

High-quality materials: All gloves are made of waterproof and breathable materials, ensuring dry and comfortable hands.

Touch screen-friendly design: The glove fingertips are compatible with touch screen devices, allowing you to use your phone or tablet without taking off your gloves.

Wholesale heated gloves policy

The minimum order quantity is 10 pairs. For orders below 10 pairs, please purchase from our retail store.

We will offer the most favorable discount based on the quantity ordered.

Please contact us and let us know the product model, size, the quantity you need, and your country, and I will reply to you with the price as soon as possible.

Target customers

Outdoor sports retailers: provide ideal purchasing options for outdoor sports stores such as skiing, mountaineering, and motorcycles.

Corporate and group purchases: Suitable for bulk purchases by companies or groups that require employees to work in cold environments.

Wholesale purchase process

Step 1: Please get in touch with us via email or WhatsApp and let us know your wholesale product model, size, quantity, and address.
Step 2: We will reply to you with the most favorable discount price.
Step 3: If you agree to this price, we will send you a Formal Invoice
Step 4: Please make payment based on the bank information on the invoice

Payment method

T/T or Paypal.

Product maintenance and upkeep

Our electric gloves can be washed with water.
If you put them in a washing machine for washing, please make sure to put them in a laundry bag first.
If not used for a long time, please take out the battery and store it separately, and charge it at least every 6 months.

Guidelines for Safe Use of Electric Gloves

1. Read the instruction manual

Before using electric gloves for the first time, please carefully read and understand the product manual. Understand the characteristics, operation methods, and safety warnings of gloves.

2. Check the condition of gloves

Before each use, check the gloves for any damage, exposed wires, or loose joints. If any damage is found, please stop using and contact the manufacturer.

3. Correct charging

Use the original charger included with the gloves for charging, and avoid using non-original or incompatible chargers with the gloves.
Please place it in a dry and ventilated place when charging, avoiding high temperatures and humid environments.
Do not wear gloves during charging.

4. Temperature regulation

Adjust the temperature setting of the gloves based on the external environment and personal comfort. Avoid prolonged use of high-temperature gear to prevent skin overheating or burns.
When using it for the first time, it is recommended to start at the lowest temperature and gradually find the temperature that suits you.

5. Wearing and removing

Ensure to wear electric gloves when hands are dry, as wet hands may increase the risk of electric shock.
Before taking off the gloves, turn off the power first, and then gently remove the gloves to avoid pulling the wires or heating elements.

6. Precautions

Do not wear rechargeable warming gloves while sleeping.
Avoid gloves coming into contact with sharp objects to avoid piercing the heating layer or wires.
Persons with specific health conditions (such as diabetes patients) should consult a doctor before using heated gloves.

The above is the process and precautions for wholesale heated gloves in topheated.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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