Wholesale Heated Gloves

We are one of heated gloves manufacture in china, ten years of production experience, ensuring reliable quality.

Why choose SAVIOR heated gloves?

Savior heated gloves have been sold on various independent websites for 10 years, with over 5 million pairs sold. A large number of users have accumulated stable technology and reliable quality for us.

Why choose to wholesale heated gloves in Topheatd?

If you buy on Amazon or other websites, the price of a pair of gloves exceeds USD120. We know some companies will buy for employees, or you are the owner of a clothes shop, and you want to sell heated gloves in your store, but you don't want to order in large quantities at the beginning, so a small amount of wholesale in Topheted is suitable for you, because you can save more money here. We have inventory and can ship quickly. All heated gloves are the same as those you purchased on Amazon.

If i only buy one or two pair heated gloves, can i order from topheated?

Sorry, we do not retail. The minimum wholesale quantity for all heated gloves is 10 pairs.
If your order less than 10 pairs, you can purchase them on Amazon.

I want to know how to wholesale from topheated?

Please contact us and tell me which model heated gloves you want to order and the quantity, and what size are you need.
And tell me where are you in, Aftre i get you information, i will tell you the shipping cost and the total price. The price in the product page is not include the shipping cost, becase different countries have different shipping costs.

What is the payment method?

T/T or Paypal.

Can I propose my own personalized requirements?

Of course, please let me know your requirements via email and we will try our best to meet them.

Can I customize our style?

Yes, please let me know your requirements and I will provide you with a quotation.

How long can I receive the heated gloves through topheated wholesale?

Most of the heated gloves we have in stock, and usually ship out within 3 days after receiving payment.

How to choose the most appropriate heated gloves?

The hands are at the end of the body and have a low blood supply. In winter, some people often feel cold hands and feet due to a lack of exercise. Gloves are great for protecting your hands, but for those who live in extreme cold, heated gloves are even better for protecting them from harm. Especially for those with blood circulation problems or Raynaud's syndrome, a pair of heated gloves can make for a great winter.

Raynaud gloves

There are many types of hand warming gloves, thick and thin, 5 volt and 7.4 volt. Do you know how to choose the right pair of gloves?

The first thing to consider your usage. If you need to work in the snow for a long time, a pair of thick leather heated gloves will help you withstand the cold for a long time. Our custom leather heated gloves are not only thick, but also waterproof and windproof, and with a 7.4 volt battery, they won't disappoint even if you are planning to go hunting in the winter. If you want to keep warm during your normal commute, medium thickness heated mittens is the best choice. Gloves of medium thickness won't make you feel heavy, finger touch screen design, even with mobile phone is no problem. If you are indoors and your feel your hands are cold when you are typing at your computer, I would suggest using our thin heated gloves, which have a very soft cover and can keep your fingers flexible.

Rechargeable Heated Mitten

We have many years of production experience and we can custom various materials such as leather and microfiber. 100% inspection before delivery, reasonable product price and fast delivery help brands quickly occupy the market.

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