5 Reasons why you need the heated gloves in winter

Why do I need electric heated gloves ?
When the body is under the stimulation of low temperature and humidity for a long time, the vessels on the body surface will spasm, and the blood flow will be reduced, resulting in tissue ischemia and hypoxia, and cell damage, especially in the parts with poor circulation at the distal end of the limbs, such as fingers.

Rechargeable heated gloves help you avoid frostbite.

1 level frostbite was the lightest, That’s common “frostbite”. It was damaged in the epidermis. The skin of the frozen part was red, swollen and congested. It felt hot, itchy and burning. The symptoms disappeared in a few days. After the recovery, there was no scar except the epidermis fell off.
2 level frostbite. The degree of frostbite is superficial dermis. In addition to redness and swelling after injury, accompanied by blisters, which can be bloody fluid, deep edema, severe pain, skin feel dullness.
3 level frostbite hurt the whole skin, black or purple brown, loss of pain. It is not easy to heal after injury, except for scars, it can also have long-term hypersensitivity or pain.
4 level frostbite hurt skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and even bone can appear necrosis, loss of sensation, and scar formation after recovery.

In winter, many of us tend to think that cold hands are the price we pay for winter entertainment. Although we may build a higher level of cold resistance over time, but cold fingers will make your movement inconvenient. The fingers are frozen, unable to operate the phone, the hands are dry and scaly. This will reduce our time outdoors and make us uncomfortable!

Wearing a suitable waterproof heated gloves is essential to protect yourself from the adverse effects of snow and ice.

Due to the lack of protective devices on the palm, it is easy to suffer frostbite. Topheated productive heated leather gloves are made of genuine sheepskin, waterproof and windproof, and 7.4v high efficiency battery ensures long time heating. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or running outdoors, wear high-quality heated leather gloves to keep you warm and flexible for a long time.

This is the 5 main reasons you need a pair of heated winter gloves.

  1. Keep your hands warm
    Although this may sound obvious, it is essential to keep warm in cold weather. As we walked out of the house, we rubbed our hands frantically, trying to get warm. But why don’t we try to keep warm?  
    Buy a pair of high-quality hand warmer gloves to help you keep warm, no matter how low the outside temperature drops. Topheated gloves with 7.4v battery can provide 5-6 hours of working time.
  2. Allows you to stay out longer
    Every time I walk out of the house, I will be blown by the cold and strong wind, and come face to face, and then say loudly: Oh, it is too cold! Many of us may turn around and go back to the room without even open the door.
    Customizable heated fingerless gloves can help you long time to outdoor activities in winter, shoveling snow, skiing and fishing and so on.shoveling-snow with heated gloves
  3. Protect your fingers
    Fingers are easy to cause poor circulation. If they are not properly protected in the cold, the blood vessels of hands and fingers will narrow, resulting in poor blood circulation. This can cause pain, cramps, and even joint pain.
    Because our fingers are more vulnerable to low temperature, we must take proper measures to protect them before going out. Especially if you have circulation problems such as Renault phenomenon, you are more vulnerable to pain and injury, so you should give priority to the use of heated snowmobile gloves.
  4. Combination of high technology and fashion
    The development of science and technology has brought changes to our lives. Topheated is a professional battery operated gloves supplier, More than 4 years of production experience to ensure the reliability of products. Our rechargeable heated gloves can be customized with different shapes and materials to meet the requirements of fashion.
  5. Warmth and comfort
    Topheated heated gloves have three different temperature settings, you can easily adjust the temperature. Customize a variety of different glove sizes, so that buyers can find the right size. Fast heated technology enables gloves to be heated to the set temperature in less than 60 seconds.

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Topheated is a professional manufacturer of heated products, including heated clothes, heated gloves, heated insoles, heated socks and so on. Our goal is to make everyone warm with high technology in winter. Welcome to OEM Or ODM.

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