Canadian Secret Of Not Afraid Of Cold

Canada is famous for winter. No matter what you hear, Get ready with right equipment can help you enjoy the cold and snow. Take a look at the basic accessories on our list, you will not afraid of cold in Canadian winter.

Winter boots
1. Good winter clothes boot and gloves
If your feet are soaked every time you go out, if you sweat when you enter the house, winter will not be easy. This is why we necessary to buy a suitable pair of winter boots, coats, gloves, scarves and pants.
Our advice: In Canada, indoor heating is very common. Choose a layered method so that you can adjust your temperature at any time, whether inside or outside. Start with underpants, such as long underwear, and then add a few layers of middle layers (sweaters, vests, scarves) plus waterproof or windproof jackets. You can also buy a pair of heated gloves and heated jacket, which will bring you very good heat preservation effect.
keepwarming coffic cup
2. Coffee cup
Believe it or not, Tim Hortons’ cups have become fashionable items for Canadians in the winter. It helps keep your body warm from home to school. Buying a hot drink every morning, isn’t spending money on your hobby? We fully understand. Why not invest in your own reusable cup? You can buy these almost everywhere, shopper pharmacies, Canadian tires, and even Tim Holden and Starbucks!
Our advice: Some reusable cups are at discounted prices at Kitchen Stuff, Winners or Amazon.
heating pad
3. Heating pad
Despite the layers of clothes you wear, are you still sensitive to cold? Don’t worry, heating pad will cover you and it is what you need. These packets are popular because they can warm certain parts of the body. But the disadvantage is that they can not keep heat for a long time
Our advice: don’t stop at just heating pads! Take a look at all kinds of heated accessories, such as blankets, hand warmers, and jackets!
customer heated gloves
4. Heated gloves
Heated gloves provide excellent warmth and hand protection. It allows you to touch, click, swipe and pinch an interactive screen with the glove still in hand. 
Rechargeable battery and keep your hands warm for a long time.It can adjust different temperatures, suitable for all those who are afraid of the cold. The dilemma of wearing gloves and using a mobile phone has been solved! Posting your photos on Instagram will no longer be a winter challenge!
Our advice: If you want to wear it when you work indoors, you should choose to thin heated glove liners. If you need to work outside for a long time, leather heated gloves will be more suitable for you. I recommend topheated, a professional manufacturer of heated gloves. If you need to customize the heated clothing for your brand, you can contact them. If you just want to buy a pair of self brought or for a gift, you can visit keepwarming online store.
Vitamin D
5. Vitamin D supplement
Vitamin D is essential for good health and strong bones. This is also an important factor to ensure that your muscles, heart, lungs and brain work well, and that you can fight infections. Your body produces its own vitamin D from the sun. However, in winter, the day is short and there is little sunlight, and supplementation is the solution!
Our advice is: Purchase vitamin D supplements in a licensed pharmacy.

Follow these suggestions and you will not afraid of cold in winter. Try to except to have an amazing time and enjoy the snow!

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