Canadian Secret Of Not Afraid Of Cold

Canada is famous for winter. No matter what you hear, Get ready with right equipment can help you enjoy the cold and snow. Take a look at the basic accessories on our list, you will not afraid of cold in Canadian winter.   1. Good winter clothes boot and gloves If your feet are soaked every time you go out, if you sweat when you enter the house, winter will not be easy. This is why we necessary to buy a suitable pair of winter boots, coats, gloves, scarves and pants.   Our advice: In Canada, indoor heating is very common. Choose a layered method so that you can adjust your temperature at any time, whether inside or outside. Start with underpants, such as long underwear, and then add a few layers of middle layers (sweaters, vests, scarves) plus waterproof or windproof jackets. You can also buy a pair of …

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How to choose a best heated socks

The winter in the north is very cold. When we want to skate, cycling or hunting in winter, electric heated socks can protect us far away frostbite. When we want to buy a pair of battery operated socks, you will find many different kinds of type, but what we care about most is how much temperature socks can provide and how long they can be heating. Generally Electric heated socks have two different powers of 7.4 volt and 3.7 volt.But the seller of heated socks usually doesn’t tell you the difference about them. OK, let me tell you.7.4 volt longer heating time and higher temperature, but 3.7 volt heated socks have a lower price. In addition The material of warming socks should be a combination of polyester and elastic cotton. A good heated socks manufacturer should make sure their product can be washable with water, the heating pad and electromagnetic …

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How to choose a heated gloves for Raynaud syndrome

Topheated is a heated gloves manufacturer, we talks with many consumer, so we know their need. We know what kind of heated gloves can effectively help patients with Raynaud’s disease reduce the pain of winter. First we introduce Raynauds disease Raynaud’s syndrome, also known as Raynaud’s phenomenon, is a medical condition caused by vasospasm that results in reduced blood flow, usually involving the fingers, which can cause pain, discoloration (pallor) and cold or numbness in the affected limbs. For those patients, this is often painful and sometimes even obstructive. People with Raynaud’s disease can become dangerous if they are exposed to cold weather. And how the heated gloves work? Heated gloves is heating by rechargeable battery, working hours usually more than 2 hours. Our produce thin heated gloves liner suitable for indoor wear. This is a kind super soft and thin electric heated work gloves, made by elastane and polyester. …

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Choose a good heated jacket you need to know

Maybe some people don’t know what is heated jacket? How does heated jacket work? Heated jacket is a new technology that uses power bank or rechargeable batteries for heating. Heating is carried out by connecting the carbon fiber wire and the heating pad through a battery. Usual there are three kinds of battery power: 5V, 7.4v and 12V. In addition to jackets, we can also apply this technology to vest, underwear, socks, gloves and other products. After testing, 7.4v and 12V heating effect is better, and more people choose it. How to charge the heated jacket? Take out the battery or power bank from the jacket, connect the charging plug, and connect the charging plug to the 110V or 220V power. It usually takes 2-3 hours to charge. Can I wash the heated jacket? Whether it’s heated jacket, heated clothes or heated socks, you can wash them with water, but …

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5 Reasons why you need the heated gloves in winter

Why do I need electric heated gloves ?When the body is under the stimulation of low temperature and humidity for a long time, the vessels on the body surface will spasm, and the blood flow will be reduced, resulting in tissue ischemia and hypoxia, and cell damage, especially in the parts with poor circulation at the distal end of the limbs, such as fingers. Rechargeable heated gloves help you avoid frostbite. 1 level frostbite was the lightest, That’s common “frostbite”. It was damaged in the epidermis. The skin of the frozen part was red, swollen and congested. It felt hot, itchy and burning. The symptoms disappeared in a few days. After the recovery, there was no scar except the epidermis fell off.2 level frostbite. The degree of frostbite is superficial dermis. In addition to redness and swelling after injury, accompanied by blisters, which can be bloody fluid, deep edema, severe …

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