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We are a company specializing in the production of heated gloves, heated clothing, heated socks, and heated necklaces. We are in Dongguan, China, which is a famous city for producing electronic products. In the past decade, our quality has been recognized by many well-known brands. Our service brands include Savior, Sunwill, Milwaukee, Volt, and more.

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We Do Our Job with Over 10 Years Industry Experience

Our company produces the heated clothes with far-infrared heating technology, and use theadvanced carbon fibre heating element independent research and development of a completeset of far infrared electric heating technology andmodern intelligent control technology, so the overalwear very comfortable, there would be no foreign body sensation, the key is to feel warm at the same time alsocan promote blood circulation, balance the body physiological function and enhance human immunitythe elderly and the weak constitution has the very good maintenance and health care effect, and can ensure thesafety of the overall use of competitiveness is verystrong in the market.

Strict quality control system

Quality is the most important factor in the success or failure of a brand, so when it comes to raw materials, we focus on controlling quality. We will inspect heating pads, batteries, switches, and power interfaces to ensure the availability of materials from the source. In addition, all products undergo two inspections before leaving the factory to ensure that each product is of qualified quality when leaving the factory.
Quality testing laboratory

Complete quality inspection reports

We use non-toxic, eco-friendly fabric material for all our products. With each country’s main safety test and eco-friendly test passed, such as MSDS, CE, FCC, etc.

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