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You can custom heated vest, heated jacket heated gloves heated socks and winter gloves in our company

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Topheated is your best choice for custom heated jacket and heated gloves factory. Our product also include heated socks heated scarf and heated pad. In the past of years, our quality has been recognized by many famous brands. In addition to customization, we can also wholesale in stock. Click to see more about Topheated 

Why your brand need customized heated apparel

In the fiercely competitive clothing market, brands must constantly innovate to attract consumers and increase market share. Customized heated clothing provides a unique market opportunity that not only meets the personalized and functional needs of consumers but also significantly enhances the economic benefits of the brand. By customizing and selling heated clothing, clothing brands can increase economic benefits.

1. Expand market boundaries

Seasonal extension: Traditional clothing sales are significantly limited by seasons, while heated clothing allows brands to attract more consumers during cold seasons and extend sales cycles.

New market development: The functionality of heated clothing gives it a unique advantage in specific markets such as outdoor sports and winter tourism, helping brands enter previously untapped market areas.

2. Increase product added value

High-end positioning: Customized heated clothing can serve as a high-end product line, providing higher price points and profit margins. The uniqueness and customization of this product can attract consumers seeking differentiated products.

Technology integration: By integrating advanced heating technologies, brands can enhance their technological image and enhance consumer awareness of brand innovation capabilities.

3. Enhance customer loyalty

Satisfying personalized needs: Customized services can better meet the needs of consumers for personalized and exclusive products, thereby enhancing consumer brand loyalty.

Improving user experience: By providing a comfortable and warm wearing experience, heated clothing enhances consumer satisfaction and repeat purchase rates.

4. Create marketing highlights

Story marketing: The unique features and design techniques behind heated clothing can become a part of the brand's story, increasing the attractiveness of marketing activities.

Social media interaction: By showcasing the unique application scenarios of heated clothing, such as outdoor activities in extreme weather, brands can create more interaction and attention on social media.


By introducing customized heated clothing, clothing brands can not only provide innovative and high-value-added products but also effectively expand market scope and enhance consumer loyalty. These factors work together to significantly enhance the overall economic benefits and market competitiveness of the brand.

Explore the possibility of customizing heated clothing immediately and transform your brand into a market leader. Contact us for more information and start your innovation journey.

Wholesale heated apparel

We have some products in stock, and you can also directly contact us for small batch wholesale. Wholesale our products directly, you don't need a lot of customization, and delivery is fast.

Our wholesale products include heated gloves, heated socks, heated pads, and winter gloves, etc.

Please check our wholesale webpage to find your favorite product.

Some technology or news about heated product

How to choose a best heated socks

The winter in the north is very cold. When we want to skate, cycling or hunting in winter, electric heated socks can protect us far away frostbite.When we want to buy a pair of battery operated socks, you will find many different kinds of type, but what we care about most is how much temperature socks can provide and how long they can be heating.[see more...]

How To Choose A Heated Gloves For Raynaud Syndrome

Topheated is a heated gloves manufacturer, we talks with many consumer, so we know their need. We know what kind of heated gloves can effectively help patients with Raynaud’s disease reduce the pain of winter.

First We Introduce Raynauds Disease

Raynaud’s  [see more...]

Choose A Good Heated Jacket You Need To Know

Maybe Some People Don’t Know What Is Heated Jacket? How Does Heated Jacket Work?
Heated jacket is a new technology that uses power bank or rechargeable batteries for heating. Heating is carried out by connecting the carbon fiber wire and the heating pad through a battery. Usual there are three kinds [see more...]

5 Reasons Why You Need The Heated Gloves In Winter

Why do I need electric heated gloves ?
When the body is under the stimulation of low temperature and humidity for a long time, the vessels on the body surface will spasm, and the blood flow will be reduced, resulting in tissue ischemia and hypoxia, and cell damage, especially in the parts with poor [see more...]

The Latest Design Custom Heated Jacket

Why Topheated Can Be Your Reliable Electric Smart Clothing Supplie

More than 10 years experience in heated clothing electric heated gloves.

Topheated's mission is safe, smart, creative, we always have new design or patent designs for market and we treat our clients as a life long partnership.

We have 24/6 online service to support your any important requirements, contact us now.
Feel free to email us.

You will get an instant quote within 7-12hours ,even if we have time difference.

Fast Time Troubleshooting
We promise to give you a solutions for all your product problems within 18 hours.

In the past 10 years, topheated have focused on designing and producing all kinds of heated jackets, heated vests, heated gloves, heated socks, heated rehabilitation appliances and so on. We can provide 5V, 7.4v and 12V batteries for customers to choose, and the batteries can provide CE and MSDS certification.

We are located in Dongguan, China, which is the most mature electronics and clothing production base in China. This mature industrial supporting facilities help us easily purchase all kinds of raw materials and hire skilled workers. These can help us maintain our competitiveness, maintain high-quality products, reduce production costs and supply goods to cooperative brands at reasonable prices.

From the whole process of design and production, we will show you weekly in the form of video, so that you can always know the production progress of your products.

We cherish every customer. Only perfect products can make customers love our products. All products will be inspected at least twice before leaving the factory to ensure quality.

If you are looking for a reliable heated clothing or heated gloves factory, please contact us.

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